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4TH National Consultative Forum 2023- Palapye

12 December, 2023

Exciting Leadership Transition at the 4th National Children's Consultative Forum 2023 (NCCF)


With an air of excitement and eager anticipation, we are thrilled to introduce the esteemed leaders who will be steering the ship of the National Children's Consultative Forum (NCCF) into its next chapter. Ms. Aumake Aaron, our newly appointed Chairperson, and Mr. Thero Rabotlhale, our esteemed Vice Chair, stand as the promising future representatives for the chidlren in Botswana.


As we bid farewell to the outgoing leaders, Ms. Unaludo Isaacs and Mr. Atang Sean Sebolao, we extend our deepest gratitude for their exemplary service and unwavering dedication. Their leadership has left an indelible mark on the NCCF, fostering a legacy of commitment to the welfare and empowerment of the children.

The words of endorsement from Ms. Isaacs and Mr. Sebolao for our incoming leaders, Ms. Aumake Aaron and Mr. Thero Rabotlhale, resonate with confidence and optimism. Their endorsement underscores not only the seamless transition but also the promise of continued excellence in advancing the rights and well-being of the youth in Botswana.

Ms. Aumake Aaron, stepping into the role of Chairperson, brings a wealth of passion for advocating children's rights. Her vision for an inclusive and supportive forum for the youth aligns seamlessly with the NCCF's mission. Equally, Mr. Thero Rabotlhale assumes the position of Vice Chair with a commitment to amplifying the voices of young people. His dedication to fostering an environment where every child's perspective is heard and valued adds a dynamic element to the leadership team.


The NCCF community eagerly looks forward to the innovative initiatives, meaningful dialogues, and positive impact that will undoubtedly unfold under the guidance of Ms. Aumake Aaron and Mr. Thero Rabotlhale. Together, we are poised to continue the journey of empowering and uplifting the youth, building a brighter and more inclusive future for the children of Botswana. Join us in welcoming and supporting our new leaders as we embark on this exciting journey together!